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The Palliative Care Curriculum for Undergraduates (PCC4U) project aims to promote and sustain the inclusion of the principles and practice of palliative care in all healthcare training.

It supports the inclusion of palliative care in undergraduate and entry-to-practice programs through the provision of a suite of evidence-based student and facilitator learning resources, and capacity building and professional development activities.

The following information is available to support educators in implementing PCC4U:

  1. Using PCC4U
  2. Educator support
  3. FAQs for clinical educators
  4. PCC4U videos
  5. PCC4U in practice
  6. PCC4U in publications
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Engage in our PCC4U Community Webinar Series

Engage in our PCC4U Educator Community Webinar Series

The PCC4U Project Team recognises that quality implementation requires regular contact and support for educators across all contexts who are implementing PCC4U learning resources.

Our educator webinars support the development of the educator capabilities:

  • E1: Develop discipline-specific intended learning outcomes based on palliative care capabilities
  • E2: Use reputable learning and teaching resources to support learners’ development of palliative care capabilities
  • E3: Apply evidence-based learning and teaching strategies in palliative care education.

The PCC4U Project Team hosts interactive webinar sessions each month to provide opportunities for Educators who are implementing PCC4U learning resources, to network, share information, participate in a variety of learning and teaching strategies, and hear others talk about their implementation experience.

For further details and to register to attend the webinars, sign up to our Educator Community Hub (via the Learning Management System). In the Educator Community Hub you will also find recordings of previous webinars, along with supporting materials. Recordings of past webinar sessions are also available via our YouTube channel.

Simulation scenario eLearning module

Teacher version includes instructions, videos and clinical documents required to deliver a palliative care simulated learning activity. Student version includes activity questions.

Focus of learning:

Interprofessional Learning Resources

These resources provide support for interprofessional learning through a case scenario format.

Participation in these interprofessional learning activity will support the development of capabilities in palliative care as well as interprofessional learning.

Educator-specific resources to support the use of these case scenario are embedded in the resource on the LMS.

Care Worker Toolkit

A suite of eLearning modules and supporting resources for care workers.

Focus of learning: