Core Modules

How to use PCC4U Modules

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The learning modules will help you learn about the important principles and practice of palliative care within a healthcare context. As a healthcare professional, palliative care will be a significant part of your role. This resource makes learning about palliative care easy and straightforward. It contains resources and information to help you with your course.

Organisation of content

The main content is organised into four core learning modules and four focus topic modules (see side menu for module titles).

It is recommended you work through the modules in order. The modules are organised into sections, then into activities. It’s recommended that you work through the sections in order, as the information contained in each section relies on information that comes before it.  Alternatively, your education provider will direct you specific activities to complement your learning.

Case Study videos

The videos are a vital part of this learning resource. They show various stages a person goes through when facing a life-limiting illness, from diagnosis to end-of-life care. Throughout a module, you’ll be asked to view a specific section of video as part of an activity, and then answer questions relating to the video. There are also videos of healthcare professionals providing their advice on palliative care.

Thinking points

‘Thinking points’ encourage you to undertake further research or reflection on concepts within an activity. Your responses should reflect your discipline specific scope of practice. You can complete the Thinking points within the PCC4U Workbook, which is a PDF-writable document. The pdf will need to be downloaded and saved on your computer or mobile device and opened with Adobe Reader.


If you’re working with a group of people to answer the Thinking points, you must:

  • ensure that what other people discuss remains private and confidential
  • always get the person’s consent before discussing his or her personal issues outside the group
  • respect other people’s feelings and thoughts
  • respect other people’s right not to disclose their feelings and thoughts.

Records of Participation

After completing a PCC4U learning module, you can download and complete a Record of Participation. It is the responsibility of the individual to maintain a record of evidence to support the hours of learning claimed. The PDF-writable record of participation document can be found on the home page of each module. The pdf will need to be downloaded and saved on your computer or mobile device and opened with Adobe Reader.