Core Modules

module 1 | Activity 14: Evidence-based palliative care

Achieving quality palliative care requires access to and use of current evidence. The randomised controlled trial is usually seen as the gold standard for obtaining evidence about any intervention. However, there are many types and sources of evidence that can inform clinical decision-making. When determining a plan of care, there must be a clear understanding of the person’s wishes and preferences and the best available evidence on treatment options.

CareSearch Palliative Care Knowledge Network is an online resource consolidating evidence-based and quality information for various groups (medical, nursing, allied health and consumers) within the palliative care community.[1]

Expert Opinion

Why palliative care evidence makes a difference
Dr Diana Ferreira discusses the importance of applying evidence to palliative care and the CareSearch website.

  1. Visit the CareSearch website, select a topic of interest and review the strongest evidence available via the PubMed search. Describe how this resource can benefit your practice.
  1. CareSearch. Finding Evidence. 2018; Available from: