Core Modules

module 2 | Activity 10: Responding to loss

It has been a few months since Michelle was given the news that her cancer had progressed. She has been receiving palliative chemotherapy to help control her illness but is finding that her personal and social relationships are changing. She has requested an appointment to see Dawn Matthews, the Cancer Care Coordinator, as she is feeling lethargic and worried about how she is coping. Dawn arranges for Michelle to see her prior to her scheduled chemotherapy.

  1. Review items within the Patient Dignity Inventory to identify some of Michelle’s sources of distress at this time.
  2. What communication strategies does Dawn use to encourage Michelle to talk about her concerns?
  3. As a healthcare professional, what can you do to help a person like Michelle to feel in control when their illness is progressing?
  4. Dawn asks Michelle if she would be interested in seeing a psychologist for support. In what circumstances should referral to a psychologist be considered?