Core Modules

module 2 | Activity 14: Preparing for Michelle’s death

Michelle’s condition has deteriorated and she is now dying. She is being cared for at home and is now in bed all the time, semi-conscious. James is visiting the family at home. Pete and James discuss Michelle’s imminent death. James prepares Pete and the family around the process of dying and what to expect. He offers ongoing support from the palliative care team at this time and into the bereavement phase.

Watch the video and consider the following questions:

  1. What are Pete’s main concerns at this time?
  2. How does James help Pete deal with these concerns?
  3. What other strategies would provide emotional support to Pete, Michelle and their family at this time?
  4. What simple terms did James use to help describe the terminal phase and how could he have improved his interactions?
  5. These conversations can be difficult for health professionals. Consider how you would respond if you became emotional or teary when communicating in such a circumstance.