Core Modules

Palliative care symptoms should be identified early and through impeccable assessment.[1-3] Initial and ongoing assessment incorporates the person’s physical, psychological, cultural, social and spiritual experiences and needs.[2, 3] A management plan is developed, implemented and evaluated considering individual circumstances and goals of care. Evidence-based palliative care interventions are associated with improvements in quality of life and a reduction in symptom burden.[4-7]

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Module 3: Assessing and managing symptoms will help you develop the knowledge and skills required to identify the health needs of people affected by life-limiting illness. This resource will also help to develop an understanding of the principles for managing common symptoms in palliative care.

Aims and Objectives:

After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Explain the principles for assessing and managing common symptoms and health concerns associated with life-limiting illness
  • Summarise evidence-based pain assessment and management strategies relevant to your profession.

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