Core Modules

module 4 | Activity 2: Bob’s story

Bob and his wife Margaret have two children – two girls aged 24 and 27 – who live in the same city as Bob and his wife. Bob was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease 12 months ago. He was working as an electrician but was forced to retire when he was diagnosed.

In the following video, Bob talks about how he has adjusted to his diagnosis and the loss that he has experienced.

  1. What types of loss does Bob discuss?
  2. How did he react to these losses?
  3. Refer to the MND Australia publication, Motor neurone disease aspects of care for the primary health care team. What other forms of loss is Bob likely to face as his illness progresses?
  4. How did Bob respond to other people’s reactions to his situation?
  5. Bob states that he found it hard because ‘everybody seems to be an expert on what you should be doing’. What strategies can healthcare professionals use to:
    • Understand the experience, preferences and goals of the person with a life-limiting illness
    • Establish effective partnerships with them and their carers?