Focus Topics

topic 4 | Activity 3: Amy’s story

Lan migrated to Australia with her parents Yi Ming and Mei when she was 18-years-of-age. Lan adopted the English name Amy soon after arriving in Australia. Amy married in her early 20’s, had a son Erik and divorced from her husband when Erik was six-years-old. Amy took on the responsibility of raising Erik with the assistance of Yi Ming and Mei.

Amy is now 59-years-of-age and works full-time in a furniture making factory. She has good friends from her workplace, neighbourhood and community.

Amy speaks both English and her traditional language. Amy lives with her son Erik and her mother Mei, who moved in with them after her husband died 12 years ago. Amy’s mother Mei is now in her 80’s and speaks limited words in English.

Erik speaks English both in and outside of his home with limited ability to speak Amy’s traditional language. Erik met Samantha at the engineering company that he works for; they have been dating for the past five months.

Recently Erik has noticed that his mother has trouble finding words and sometimes repeats herself during a conversation. He has also noticed that she doesn’t seem to be able to concentrate for long and missed paying the phone bill two months in a row, which is very unlike her. Erik asked her about it but she shrugged it off, saying she has been feeling stressed from work.

  1. Amy’s family makes an appointment with you to discuss their concerns about Amy’s memory and change in behaviour. Discuss what advice you would give them.