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The PCC4U project team regularly contributes to blogs and newsletters to highlight our work.

Preparing the health workforce to support families on a palliative care journey

LIME Network Newsletter 38 (October 2021)

PCC4U Project Team

PaCE – the Palliative Care Education Directory App

CareSearch Blog: Palliative Perspectives (September 2021)

Kylie Ash (PCC4U National Project Manager) & Sharon Wetzig (Learning and Development Coordinator, PCC4U and PEPA/IPEPA)

Enrolled nurses – an integral part of the palliative care workforce

CareSearch Blog: Palliative Perspectives (July 2020)

Kylie Ash (PCC4U National Project Manager) & Melissa Slattery (Academic Manager, VET and Head of Discipline for Nursing, EQUALS International).